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Outsourcing to India: why you should think twice

Even as the world continues to get smaller, there is a sizable cultural difference between the United States and India. Indian culture has some amazing qualities (for instance – deliciously flavorful cuisine), but many of their professional practices fall outside the comfort zone of U.S. companies, even those that are allured by the lower cost of hiring talent in India. Read more

Software Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation

The human element of our now digital world seems to be extinguishing. More and more, our lives and interactions are no longer human to human. There is often convenience, efficiency gain and scale offered as a result, but certain things are just better when there is a human interaction included. Read more

Don’t Be A Victim Of A Talent “Shortage”

The word “shortage” has become part of our news headlines recently and it is causing some major issues. Shortages of everything from lumber to microchips and even workers are causing prices to rise and making our lives (both personally and professionally) more challenging. Read more

Are you prepared for the coming war?

There is a war about to happen and no – it is not some geopolitical clash. Instead it is a huge challenge that businesses are going to be facing for many years ahead. It is a war for tech talent.

COVID did its share of damage to our global economy, but it also caused an unprecedented wave of tech adoption for businesses across all industries. As companies learned to work remotely and connect with customers virtually, they essentially crammed a decade’s worth of tech adoption and digital transformation into a single whirlwind year. Read more

Don’t Worry About Those Robots…

We have been hearing for years that the combination of AI and advances in robotics is going to cause us all to lose our jobs. But, that fear is completely unrealistic and something that is not worth your worry. Instead, what we really should be worried about is a massive shortage of skilled labor.   Read more