Are you prepared for the coming war?

There is a war about to happen and no – it is not some geopolitical clash. Instead it is a huge challenge that businesses are going to be facing for many years ahead. It is a war for tech talent.

COVID did its share of damage to our global economy, but it also caused an unprecedented wave of tech adoption for businesses across all industries. As companies learned to work remotely and connect with customers virtually, they essentially crammed a decade’s worth of tech adoption and digital transformation into a single whirlwind year.

The result is that big organizations with big budgets are driving up wages and paying more for workers. In other words, companies are up against wage inflation and a competitive field that includes not just their own backyard but the entire world.

The best way to fight this war is to expand your recruiting geography. Smart companies know that they need to think globally – not locally, when recruiting IT talent.

Insurance Tech Talent is a resource that is helping the insurance / insuretech industry do that. It offers access to talent outside of the U.S. and provides them on a full-time / fully dedicated basis. Not only does this help companies find great people, but the costs of the resources are typically 50% less than hiring in the U.S.

Engaging Insurance Tech Talent is your best weapon in fighting the tech talent war.