Success stories

Appulate has created a digital marketplace for the property and casualty sector of the insurance industry.

«ITT consistently provides Appulate with a level of talent that would be very challenging for us to engage in the United States. The people behind ITT are high integrity and support us well.»

Michael Fedosov
VP Engineering Appulate

Appulate had a big vision when it started in 2005 – to bring a SaaS based solution that connected the various stakeholders in the insurance industry. With each stakeholder using disparate systems, Appulate wanted to connect these and allow for a flow of data to expedite the submission and quoting process. To do this required a substantial team of software engineers.

As a California based company, Appulate quickly learned that it would be competing with tech giants like Facebook, Google, Apple and others in the recruiting of technology talent. With these larger organizations being able to out compensate Appulate, it was very hard to attract the highest level of engineering talent.


ITT provided an ideal solution for Appulate. Not only was Appulate able to hire world class engineering resources, but it could do so at less than half the cost of hiring people in California. The result was that Appulate was able to hire twice the headcount which allowed it to go to market faster.

Today, Appulate has more than 100 software engineering resources that are provided by ITT.
Appulate is considered as one of the most successful “InsuranceTech” companies and serves more than 200,000 users.
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